Episode Ten: Promiscuous Percussionist (Part 1)

Recorded back during quarantine, Chrissy and Alyssa return for their tenth episode to review... A Musical?? Ghost Quartet by Dave Malloy. Who is the villain exactly? Is a maybe handsome astronomer even worth betraying your sister? Can Alyssa really pass this off as a concept album? Only two best friends can decide.

In this episode, Chrissy and Alyssa get really confused as they try to piece together, take apart, and piece back together again the album Ghost Quartet. Do you appreciate infanticide? Parricide? Sororicide? Then take a good chunk of your day to listen in on part one of this insane 4 sided album that doesn't allow for a lot of breathing room, while we talk about reincarnation, murder, and what makes good storytelling.

WARNING: This episode's content does include discussions of murder, inaction in the face of death, possible child death, assisted suicide, cheating, depression, alcoholism, and the morality of said things.

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