Episode Two: My Chemical Parents

In our second episode, we break down the album that defined a generation; My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade! Why is every album protagonist a jerk? Does this album even have a story? How has Chrissy seriously never heard that song all the way through? Only two best friends can decide.

Listen and wonder how Chrissy somehow managed to go through life without ever listening to the Black Parade. She and her best friend Alyssa break down the album song by song and try to figure out what's part of the story and what is just Gerard Way projecting. There's talk of cancer, dead grandmothers, how much we love our parents, and how terrifying teenagers really are. Take a listen and learn to laugh about the bad stuff on What A Concept!

Also featuring, Burt the dog breathing loudly, but still being quieter than the last episode.

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