Episode Three: Too Many Metaphors

In our very delayed third episode, we sit down to listen to the very special concept album turned musical; Hadestown by Anais Mitchell! Is Hades really the bad guy? Is Persephone as innocent as we think she is? How the hell do you pronounce Eurydice? Only two best friends can decide.

Take a seat and listen to the tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice. Chrissy and Alyssa break down this famous Greek myth song by song as they listen to Anais Mitchell's Hadestown! This is the album that could! Having gone from a concept album, to musical, to the winner of 8 Tony Awards (Antoinette Perry Awards) including Best Musical!! There's talk of Sheeple, metaphorical cracks in walls, literal cracks in walls, and the exploitation of the working class. What's not to love? Listen and learn to tear down Capitalism the hard way (through song) on What a Concept!

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