Episode Five: Our National Anthem

In our fifth episode, we break down and create a story with the Killer's Hot Fuss! How many national anthems does America have? Do serial killers deserve happy endings? What's the best revenge to get on a high school bully? Only two best friends can decide.

This episode Chrissy and Alyssa make up their own story while listening to the always amazing Killer's album: Hot Fuss! A pop-rock classic of an album that may or may not be about a queer serial killer who's just trying to win back his high school sweetheart. We talk about murder, the difference between Hot Fuss and Hot Fuzz, our nation's anthem and more! Listen and learn what really makes a concept album a concept album on What A Concept!

(We also apologize for the rough audio, lack of air conditioning means noisy fans.)

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