Episode Six: A Grave Mistake

In our sixth episode, we celebrate the spookiest of holidays with a very specific drinking game! What horror movies has Alyssa seen? Get it right, you win! Get it wrong, you drink. We go through Ice Nine Kills' album; the Silver Scream, where (almost) every song is based on a classic horror film. How well does Chrissy know Alyssa? Why does Alyssa know so much about movies she hasn't seen? Does Edward Scissorhands really count as a horror film? Only two best friends can decide.

Alyssa convinces Chrissy to participate in a fun horror-themed drinking game. The rules are: Guess if Alyssa has seen the horror film. Easier said than done considering Alyssa likes to learn about things she has never seen and never will see. But what does that have to do with concept albums? Well, luckily the band Ice Nine Kills just happens to have an album all about horror films! So join in the fun and listen to the soothing metal sounds of the Silver Scream. We talk about genre stereotypes, what makes a good song about a campy movie, and how disappointing it can be to realize no song is focused on a female-led horror film. (With the obvious exception of Friday the 13th) Take a listen and get drunk with us on What a Concept!

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