Episode Eight: Phormetical

In our eighth episode, we take a request from a friend of Chrissy's and listen to Twenty One Pilot's latest album; Trench. Why won't Chrissy listen to Blurry Face? Is this album actually cultural appropriation? Why is this episode so long? Only two best friends can decide.

In this episode, Alyssa and Chrissy get really emotional as the dive into the psychological mess that is Twenty One Pilots' Trench. Take a deep dive into this wild ride of a concept album that involves "dying" religions, dead grandmothers, and what the emotional toll of a revolution really is. Follow us into the Trench on What a Concept!

WARNINGS: This album and discussions deal with heavy topics of depression, suicide, possible self-harm, and the death of loved ones. Alyssa does start crying at one point. There is also some brief mention of Satanism but in a more fun context.

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