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Episode Eleven: Promiscuous Percussionist (Part 2)

Alyssa and Chrissy return to continue their discussion of Dave Malloy's album Ghost Quartet! Just how long is this album suppose to be? How do you end an album this complicated? And how many versions of one song can there be? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Ten: Promiscuous Percussionist (Part 1)

Recorded back during quarantine, Chrissy and Alyssa return for their tenth episode to review... A Musical?? Ghost Quartet by Dave Malloy. Who is the villain exactly? Is a maybe handsome astronomer even worth betraying your sister? Can Alyssa really pass this off as a concept album? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Nine: Get Gulped

In our tenth episode, we celebrate Christmas in July and listen to the Decemberists' Crane Wife. Why is Shakespeare so boring? Why are the songs out of order? Why wasn't this released last year when it was recorded? Only two best friends can decide.

BONUS: Outtakes

A quick filler episode while Alyssa gets her shit together.

Episode Eight: Phormetical

In our eighth episode, we take a request from a friend of Chrissy's and listen to Twenty One Pilot's latest album; Trench. Why won't Chrissy listen to Blurry Face? Is this album actually cultural appropriation? Why is this episode so long? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Seven: This Is Chrissy's Favorite

In our seventh episode, we finally talk about an album we both love! Gorillaz's Demon Days. What's so funny about the word "among"? Why can't Chrissy and Alyssa get the audio right for just one episode? Will Chrissy ever remember who Alyssa is?? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Six: A Grave Mistake

In our sixth episode, we celebrate the spookiest of holidays with a very specific drinking game! What horror movies has Alyssa seen? Get it right, you win! Get it wrong, you drink. We go through Ice Nine Kills' album; the Silver Scream, where (almost) every song is based on a classic horror film. How well does Chrissy know Alyssa? Why does Alyssa know so much about movies she hasn't seen? Does Edward Scissorhands really count as a horror film? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Five: Our National Anthem

In our fifth episode, we break down and create a story with the Killer's Hot Fuss! How many national anthems does America have? Do serial killers deserve happy endings? What's the best revenge to get on a high school bully? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Four: Phosphorescent Leech

In our fourth episode, we take a listen to the Turtles album: The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands! Is there a good kind of racism? (No.) Did Alyssa really find a non-depressing concept album? Can we somehow fix Country music? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Three: Too Many Metaphors

In our very delayed third episode, we sit down to listen to the very special concept album turned musical; Hadestown by Anais Mitchell! Is Hades really the bad guy? Is Persephone as innocent as we think she is? How the hell do you pronounce Eurydice? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode Two: My Chemical Parents

In our second episode, we break down the album that defined a generation; My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade! Why is every album protagonist a jerk? Does this album even have a story? How has Chrissy seriously never heard that song all the way through? Only two best friends can decide.

Episode One: Tigers on Vaseline

In our first episode, we break down the iconic David Bowie album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Who is Ziggy? Is he God? An alien? Or just an asshole? Only two best friends can decide.

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